Diabetes and the Eye

Most people know that Diabetes is a condition that interferes with the blood sugar. Diabetes will make it hard for ...
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Your Guide to Pink Eye

Think you have the infamous PINK EYE? This is the ultimate guide to pink eye or viral conjunctivitis. We will ...
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What Kind of Contacts Should I Get in 2021?

As an Eye Doctor in Collinsville, Oklahoma, I fit and talk to hundreds of people every month about contact lenses. ...
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Best Sunglasses

5 Best Sunglasses Brands in 2021

Summer is here and I thought it would be a good time to talk about the 5 best sunglass brands ...
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Firework Eye Safety

The stats are very clear: fireworks if used improperly are unsafe and July 4 is a particularly dangerous time for ...
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First Signs of Cataracts

What will I see first? That is a question I get asked every day by patients when I talk about ...
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eye exam consist of

What Does an Eye Exam Consist Of?

What does an eye exam consist of or what is a routine eye exam is what we will discuss here. I will ...
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healthy vision

Top 8 Things You Can Do Now For Healthy Vision

May is Healthy Vision month, so I decided to give you a top 8list of things you can do for ...
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Get Rid of A Stye

How To Get Rid of a Stye Overnight

A lot of things can cause a stye, and some are completely in your control. In this article, I am ...
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Sports Eye Safety Infographic

Sports Eye Safety; How Sports Could Compromise Your Vision

Overview of sports eye safety Every year, the emergency departments across the United States receives around 30,000 cases of sports-related ...
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