Firework Eye Safety

The stats are very clear: fireworks if used improperly are unsafe and July 4 is a particularly dangerous time for ...
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First Signs of Cataracts

What will I see first? That is a question I get asked every day by patients when I talk about ...
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eye exam consist of

What Does an Eye Exam Consist Of?

What does an eye exam consist of or what is a routine eye exam is what we will discuss here. I will ...
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healthy vision

Top 8 Things You Can Do Now For Healthy Vision

May is Healthy Vision month, so I decided to give you a top 8list of things you can do for ...
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Get Rid of A Stye

How To Get Rid of a Stye Overnight

A lot of things can cause a stye, and some are completely in your control. In this article, I am ...
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Sports Eye Safety Infographic

Sports Eye Safety; How Sports Could Compromise Your Vision

Overview of sports eye safety Every year, the emergency departments across the United States receives around 30,000 cases of sports-related ...
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Dry Eye Treatment

Dr. Thirion’s Experience with the Miboflow Dry Eye Treatment

The #1 Cause of Itchy Eyes in Oklahoma Isn’t Allergies. Here’s What’s Causing It and How to Fix It Now ...
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chemical in eye

Your Eye Safety and The Most Used Household Chemicals

Every year, thousands of eye injuries get received by emergency departments after exposure to household chemicals. That is why eye ...
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Dr James Thirion an Eye Doctor near me that is an Optometrist near me with an eye glasses near me with

You Do Not Have to Live With Dry Eyes

Why do my eyes burn? Why do my eyes itch? What causes dry eyes? Is there more than one version ...
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Eye Safety Tips and Tricks for the Workplace

March is Eye Safety month and today I am going to talk about some different tips and tricks for Eye ...
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