Dr. Thirion’s Experience with the Miboflow Dry Eye Treatment

The #1 Cause of Itchy Eyes in Oklahoma Isn’t Allergies. Here’s What’s Causing It and How to Fix It Now with a Dry Eye treatment!

Do you suffer from itchy, watery, runny eyes? Believe it or not, you could have Dry Eye Syndrome, even when your eyes water so much, the tears roll down your face.

Hi, I’m Dr. Thirion of Collinsville Primary Eye Care in Oklahoma. I know first-hand what it’s like to have this condition. I have dealt with dry eyes my entire life.

In medical school, I searched tirelessly to find a solution for my dry eye problem. Nothing I tried ever worked completely to resolve it though. I felt like I was doomed to deal with it forever. 

About 5 years ago, a new technology hit the industry though called the MiboFlow. Naturally, I tested it out on myself first. I started with just one eye, then went back to my schedule of seeing my patients. 

But after seeing just a few of those patients, I had to go and do my other eye because the results of the MiboFlow were that amazing. My eyes didn’t have that stinging and burning sensation anymore and my blinks were smoother. Things seemed clearer too because this new equipment helps stabilize your vision.

Since then, I’ve been recommending it for all patients that come to me with complaints of dry eyes or those who think they’ve got allergies. MiboFlow is a game-changer in the eyecare industry, something that can help you live a better and more comfortable life. 

What to Know About MiboFlow, the Spa Treatment for Eyes

This painless procedure is relatively new but not easy to find everywhere. While it is gaining traction, you won’t be able to find it in every eye doctor’s office just yet. You’ll find it in my office though, a true treat for sore eyes. It has a 95% success rate in remedying your dry eye woes. 

The MibiFlow gently massages and treats your eyes much the way you get pampered when you indulge in a spa day. It’s just what your eyes need to refresh, especially if you sit behind a computer all day. That keeps you from blinking as much as you should. Blinking serves to lubricate your eyes.

But the other problem with Dry Eye Syndrome is that the glands can get blocked that release this natural lubricating agent. Some of this happens with age and medications or even with the use of corrective lenses. 

How Does this Dry Eye Treatment Work?

The MiboFlow removes blockages from the glands that release the natural lubrication for your eyes in a gentle way. These glands can get clogged up and form what is called a stye. However, by applying warmth to these glands along with a gentle pulsating pressure massage technique, it stimulates the healthy excretion of this natural oil that keeps these glands from getting clogged.

In an instant, your dry eyes will be relieved and in time with further treatments, your glands will improve to prevent dry eyes from dragging you down again.

Here is a link to some additional research articles about the treatment.

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  1. Kathleen Wallace on May 28, 2021 at 1:59 am

    Hi, thanks for the great article. I am definitely going to check into this. Between chronic allergies and an autoimmune disorder, my eyes are always dry. Thanks for the candid…and actually self tested review.

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