How Eyewear Can Give You a Cool & Classy “Confidence Aesthetics”

Gone are the days when glasses were considered uncool. Today, glasses do much more than just correct your vision. And these glasses can help aid in confidence aesthetics. They’re bona fide accessories that become part of your personal style — so much so that many people with 20/20 vision wear prescription-less lenses just to add a little something extra to their look. And with so many options to choose from, the sky’s the limit when it comes to using eyewear to enhance your appearance and your confidence. Here are some simple ways that glasses (and contacts lenses) can help you improve your confidence aesthetic.

Clear vision puts a pep in your step

It may seem obvious, but the first and most important way that glasses or contacts can help your confidence is by helping you see better! With clear sight, you can navigate the world with a surer foot, which instantly increases your presence and charisma. Plus, you won’t have to strain or squint to see, leaving you free to focus on being your best self.

The perfect frames help you create confidence aesthetics

No matter what your preference — chunky tortoiseshell, sophisticated gold wire, ultra-minimalist rimless, or something else — there is a set of frames to suit your taste. And just like wearing your favorite clothes, shoes, and accessories can give you a confidence boost, putting on your glasses should make you feel like a million bucks. Many people find that once they find a pair of glasses that truly suits them, they become an essential part of their style and no outfit feels complete without them.

Test-driving different options helps you find the perfect fit

The best way to find confidence aesthetics with a set of frames you’ll love wearing is by experimenting. Try on a variety of styles and play around with colors and materials to see what you like best. Remember that frames can look very different on the display shelf than they do on your face, so don’t be shy about testing out your options. You may be surprised how a pair of glasses that doesn’t initially catch your eye can take on a whole new charm and character (and compliment your features beautifully) when you put them on.

Colored contacts let you be a chameleon

If glasses just aren’t your thing, you can still enhance your look and your confidence with colored contact lenses. These offer a simple, subtle change to your appearance and, for many people, they’re easier to wear than glasses. No smudging, no fogging up, no rain splatters. You can just pop them in and start your day.

Get help from the confidence aesthetics specialists

Whether you’re in the market for your very first pair of glasses or are looking to switch up your current frames, you have an opportunity to create a new “confidence aesthetic” for yourself. We help people from all walks of life improve their vision and find just the right eyewear to suit their personality and lifestyle. Schedule your consultation at Collinsville Primary Eyecare today or feel free to just bounce in!

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