What Are the Best Eyelash Growth Serums of 2022

If your eyelashes aren’t as long or full as you desire, lash extensions, falsies, and lash lifts aren’t your only option. While effective, with regular use, extensions, falsies, and lash lifts can break and damage your lashes. Or you may prefer a natural eyelash, that is enhanced by nothing other than mascara. This leaves many turning to growth serums. Here’s everything you need to know, including a review of the best eyelash growth serums of 2022. 

Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

It’s not something most of us have ever considered, but our eyelashes perform a vital daily function. Without your lovely lashes, dust and particles would fall into your eyes all day long. Yes, we still get dust in our eyes, but far less than if we didn’t have eyelashes. Near the eyelashes we have oil glands that help with keeping our eyes from getting dry. If these oil glands get clogged up then a stye can form.Function aside, our eyelashes enhance our natural beauty by framing our eyes and completing our facial expressions. 

What are Eyelash Growth Serums?

Although the texture differs from the hair on your head, eyelashes are hair. Unlike the hair on our head, most of us have never considered eyelash health. While we cleanse our eyelashes while washing our face, we never condition our lashes. Your growth serum conditions your existing lashes and nourishes them from the root up. Nourishing your lashes from the root up accelerates growth, strengthens your lashes, and can help you grow longer and fuller lashes. 

What Are the Best Eyelash Growth Serums of 2022?

While you can visit your dermatologist for a prescription serum, you don’t have to! Below are our top picks of serums you can purchase online right now. Each comes in a small tube and is applied in a similar manner as a liquid eyeliner. 

Advanced Eyelash Conditioner by RevitaLash

This serum has won a variety of beauty awards including The Beauty Authority New Beauty 2019 award, InStyle Best Beauty Buys of 2022, and it is a 9x winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Hall of Fame. In other words, it works! 

This signature formula contains peptides, which stimulate your lashes to grow. An impressive 98% of users saw lash growth. Apply once daily to clean and dry eyelashes. RevitaLift also has a brow serum, a variety of eyelash products, makeup, and hair products. 

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Eyelash Boost Serum by Dime Beauty

This serum is newer to the market but rapidly gaining attention! It is a collagen-rich proprietary blend of amino acids, peptides, and niacinamide to stimulate growth, reduce shedding, and keep your lashes strong. This serum can also be used on the eyebrows. Apply to clean and dry eyelashes in the evenings. For those of you who are environmentally conscious, this product is vegan, cruelty free, and the ingredients are a 1 rating on the EWG scale. Not to mention, it’s budget-friendly. 

Dime Beauty has a wide range of other skincare, beauty, and makeup products, but you can find the eyelash serum here on Amazon.

Essential Serum by Babe Lash 

This serum is a 4.5-star Amazon best-seller with over 10,400 reviews. It is a proprietary blend of hair-healthy biotin (vitamin B7) and panthenol (vitamin B5). The proprietary formula strengthens lashes, decreases breakage, and stimulates growth. Babe Lash also has a $45 eyelash conditioner and other beauty essentials including brow serum, makeup, and beauty tools. Apply the serum to clean and dry lashes in the evening, and the eyelash conditioner to clean and dry lashes in the morning before applying your makeup.  

Essential Serum’s awards include Editor’s Choice Award in 2019, Skin Deep Magazine Readers’ Choice Award in 2018, and the Dermascope Aesthetician’s Choice Award in 2018. 

Can’t I Just Apply My Facial or Hair Serum to My Lashes?

Now that you know what the best eyelash serums of 2022 are, you might be wondering if you can repurpose one of your existing serums. The answer is—no. 

Both our eyeballs and the skin surrounding our eyes are extremely sensitive. So, products designed for lashes, brows, and the eyes are formulated with fewer chemical ingredients. At the very least, with ingredients that are less likely to irritate or damage your eye if they accidentally get rubbed in. 

How Long Will It Take To See Results from Eyelash Growth Serums?

Although the ingredients in eyelash serums are designed to be gentle, it is important to use each serum as directed. Using your serum more won’t accelerate growth or results. Sort of like how applying a facial serum several times a day won’t accelerate antiaging results. Results require consistency.

Most eyelash serums are applied once or twice per day, delivering results within 4 to 12 weeks. After you’ve achieved your desired growth and fullness, you can continue to use your serum daily—or taper off to 2 to 3 days per week. 

Here’s to growing the long, full, and beautiful eyelashes you desire!

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